mandag den 28. december 2009

And now for something completely different...

You know sometimes you just an idea stuck in your head and just feel like you have to do make it. Well that is just what happened for me tonight, and below you can see the fruit of my detour from my current terrain project.

An imperial guard weapons locker.
Going to make some cabinets in the bottom section, and a few more details maybe some grenades or something similarly small.

And they say surfing the web for to long at a time can be dangerous :P

mandag den 21. december 2009

Refinery table ( 10)

Well this is pretty much how the tanks are going to look like, properly going to add some huge danger explosives signs on the side of the tanks, and of course rivets, rivets and more rivets.
So apart some green stuff filling and the above mentioned details the first tanks is complete.

I don't know weather or not I am happy with the look of the valve handle, but it gives a little more something to the plate, so I think I will stick with it.

søndag den 20. december 2009

Refinery table (9)

I took 10mm of the legs and I think the result is much better, but I am going to keep the space under them open, so it is possible to draw LOS or maybe I am going to put something under there later.
I took some old tubing and used it to make some pipes that will connect to some kind underground pipe system.

As for the tanks them self there are going to be some strips of plastic card running over them for detail and some kind of hatch at the top so it is possible to look inside.

lørdag den 19. december 2009

Refinery table(8)

With holidays upon us I had some more the time to fiddle with my refinery table(new title... I have upgrade it from a few pieces of terrain to a whole table)

But being shot of some supplies for casting I have but the compound on hold, till I can get my hands on some more, and started on some smaller pieces for the table.

so here is a small teaser on the new pieces.
First up after seeing the picture I think it is to tall, so I am going to cut it down 10mm or so. But the big question is should it be just the 2 supports, so it is possible to draw LOS underneath the tank, or should I make it like one big block of concrete so the whole piece is blocking terrain?

BTW as some might make from the background I have to more of the small cans, so there is going to be 3 of these pieces for now.

torsdag den 10. december 2009

Refinery table ( 7)

The first half of the moulds are done, and have been prep for the other half.This is the first time I have used ordinary clay to make the "fake" half of the mould, used to use modelling clay(something like play-do), stopped using it since I experienced some problems with the silicone not hardening properly. And I must say the clay is great for the purpose, it is easy to remove from the silicon after since the clay is dissolved in water.

also most made a great mistake, nearly forgot to use the release agent on the mould, without it the silicone would fuse together and you would end up with a big lump of silicone, with some plastic in the middle.

Refinery table ( 6)

An other update tonight be for I head to bed.

I Have finished the bends and made them ready for moulding.
I used this opportunity to make an other mould, since it is not that more work to tow moulds, when you are making one. And as you can probably guess from the back ground, I am going to make a mould of some oil drums, since I am pretty sure I am going to use a lot of them in this project.

And here is the silicone rubber I am using, it is from Slymasta and is the 370 grade rubber. It is easy to work with a since it is really flexible allows for undercuts making it perfect for model replication. The keen observer might notice that there now are 3 mould, that is be cause I am not that good a estimating the amount of silicone need to make the mould, so I quickly found some other stuff I could use a mould of. It is going to be a 1 sided mould of some drums, to be used for sticking out of the ground ect.

And ps. don't say modelling isn't dangerous.
I cut my self trying to separate a drum from a old model, must have used a hole bottle of glue attaching it in the first place.

having half you finger fixed is kinda crippling when modelling and writing.

onsdag den 9. december 2009

Refinery table ( 5)

Well just a small update for now, I have been pondering for some time now, how to make the pipe works for all my pieces as plastic tubes are hard to heat bend so it looks good. And I think I have come up with the answer.

Custom made pipe bends
I made these pipe bends using milliput, and the cut them to the correct lengths after they had hardened. And with the discs and some rivets I should with a little luck end up with something like this.
And them when I done I am going to make a silicone mould, so I can cast the in resin in the future, as is they turn out great I am going to be using a lot of them of this project.

tirsdag den 8. december 2009

Refinery table ( 4)

I have been working on detailing the tanks, so far only been working on the two tanks by the lover platform. With some monitoring consoles on each tank and a center console.

While browsing The Ammobunker earlier this day I came across a easy way to make fans or turbines, and I just had to give it a try, and here is the result. I am pretty impressed with how easy it is, the fan on the picture below is only 14mm across and it is only the second one I make so they are not that difficult. I am giong to do a guide for the fans late.
Here is a shot of the approximate position of the consoles, there is going to be running cables and pipes between to tow tank consoles and the center console.

Still not sure what I am giong to do with the other two tanks, maybe just running some pipes over to the two other tanks. And of course some danger signs on the sides, any good ideas to what is going to be in side the tank? something dangerous of course.

søndag den 6. december 2009

Refinery table ( 3)

Well I actually got some more work done today, think this is one of my most productive days ever:P
I have framed the walkways, added an other level and made a latter to access the top walkway Although it might not look like much, it certainly to along time.
I had some plastic "angle iron" from evergreen plastic, and they were just perfect to create some nice edges for the walkways, and I can see I need to order up some more, cause I am going to be using a lot of that stuff now.

Refinery table ( 2)

I have started on the walkway, and must say I am pretty pleased with the result. The piece is primary made to use for either warhammer 40.000 or necromunda, so it has a lot of cracks and slots where you can shoot from, so it is not just a big block on the battle field
The support are made out of 3x3mm foamcore strips, with the cross bar glued on overlaping the supports. They are easy to construct but the is a lot of cutting and nit picking.

In the beginning I had doubt that they could support the weight of the models, but from the looks of it, they are more then capable of supporting the weight of the models, that can be placed on top of it.

The walkway it self is granny grating aka plastic canvas, and as I have said earlier I simply love that stuff, it is so easy to work with and so forgiving, it would have been more troublesome to make the deck in for instance plastic card. At the moment I am not sure if I am going to put some plastic card around the edges, but more on that later.
As a small side note I think I am going to make some sandbags on walkway so it is not completely suicide to walk up there.

Refinery table ( 1)

I am pretty pleased with the single tank, so I have begun work on larger piece.
It is a L-shaped row of tanks with an walkway on top, don't quite know what I am going to do with the free area in front of the tanks, but I am sure I am going to come up with something.
Well back to the workbench.

fredag den 4. december 2009

Storage tank

While the Container is on a bit of a break while I redesign it.
So I have taken on a new project, some storage tanks. I got inspired to do them while I was browsing The Ammobunker and I saw some sweat tanks made out of tin cans.

Plus it gave me the chance to work with my new favourite terrain item Plastic Canvas, it is perfect for making walkways and sorts. And I must say it is great to work with, easy to cut and shape, and it looks good.

The design is quite simple and only took a few hours to make, it is made mostly made out of plastic card, some plastic tubing, a little foam core and a base out of 3 mm mdf.

It need a little more details, thinking about a latter or something like that to get to the top, and maybe some strips around the sides, and of course A LOT more rivets. You can never get to many rivets

Futuristic cargo container

Well I found out that making only one side of the container, might not be the write way to go. So I made half of it and planed to cast the rest, but I think i made a minor miscalculation seeing that it is like 4 times higher then a guardsman , so I am gonna make a smaller one, but at least the principal is working.