onsdag den 29. juli 2009

Rivets a simple guide

I have found a very easy and simple way to make cool rivets, all you need is:

some scrap pieces of plastic card.
punch pliers( not sure if this is the correct name)

Then it is just plain sailing just make a lot of holes in the plastic card.

After a few holes a small rod of rivets will start fall out of the pliers.

And there you have it rivets the easy way.

The Bastion (4)

Hmm have been quite some time since i last worked on any modeling related projects. But with my summer vacation over, it is time to get busy with the modeling again. I have had close to a month to ponder over new ideas so I am ready to get going.

I have some ideas for the walls, doing the with a angle like the tower, and I most say I am pretty satisfied with the result.

I am thinking about using some strips of plastic card to cover up to joints, making it look steel reinforced like the tower.

At first I was think about using the agies defence line bits for the parapet, but the bends will make it look weird. So I am just making them out of foam like the rest of the wall.

(space marine just for size compariosen and not included in the final product?)

I am gonna do the stone work just like the other parts of the wall, and the glue the part together, witch also means the for now i am stuck since I don't have my glue with me atm, but hopefully I will be able to get it tomorrow.

torsdag den 2. juli 2009

The Bastion (3)

Well I have gotten the time put some rivets on the door, and I am pretty pleased with the result.

Before rivets


The Bastion (2)

Last night I worked some more on the bastion, more specific I made an other door, since the kit only comes with one and i needed 2.

The reason for the back piece being higher then the door is that i have a big hole, left over from the heavy bolter emplacement, that I have to cover up.

A small keypad so you can lock the door.

And the end result.

All it needs now are rivet, rivet and more RIVETS.