tirsdag den 23. februar 2010

Fighta Bommer (2)

I did some more work Da Bommer this time I started on the wings.
We ad to strap a grot to da biggst pole we could find in da shop to give you tis high photo.
Surprisingly he did manage to take tis fine photo on his way crasing to da earth after
some of da boys thought it was funny to let go af da pole...
Ha ha ha ha ha
dad was funny

I forgot to take some shots of my ingenious wing fixing thingi (in own words), but will take some later when I get back to the workshop.

But I almost finished the rips for the left wing. Holy s*** that was tedious work, I would like to point out that someone, not mention any names here, thought it would look cool if the wing where at an angle, so all the ribs needed to be different sizes argh.... Well I did get it done and here is a shot of the power of the rainbow clamps.

Also I am not sure about the bottom part of the plane, so I think I am going to scrap that and go for some wing mounted jet engines, but more on that later.

Well back to the workshop
C&C is welcome

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