mandag den 22. februar 2010

Fighta Bommer (1)

Because when it comes to building stuff I sometimes have the attention span of a gopher ;P

You know sometimes you just have to do something else, I had one of those moments last Saturday. We have been playing a lot of apocalypse late in my local gaming club. I have always had to idea to apocalypse that it is not just a normal 40k game with more points, of course this might be solved be using special missions or narrative storytelling, but I think the way is the introduce models and armies not seen in normal games, and I don't just mean three Baneblades. It could be a funny model or some small unit that gives the over all feel to the army, and army springs to mind when it comes to special units.... DA ORKS

So yes I have started an Ork Apocalypse army Da ROAF (Da r-someting Ork Air force) mainly because this have the potential to being a fun army to play in a apocalypse game with out having 5000p+ army.

Of course I have started with the essentials Da mighty Fighta Bommer.
The main problem with construction the hull is getting the shape and structural integrity, and what I have found is a old and time tested method for hull construction, ribs and more ribs, this methode have been used for millennia for ship building and it works fine for ork aircraft building.

My plan is to construct the hull with ribs and cote them with thin .5 mm plasticcard wich is easier to bend over the curves, and the late orkify the plane with slap on armor plates and repairs.

I have going to use the same approach on the wings, with one or two beams running down the middle for support and a way to attach the wing to the hull.

Of course no fighta bommer is compleet with out an rear turret.

This simple turret is constructed from .75 mm strips of plasticcard and some styrene rods in different sizes. And of course a little vision slot on the top so the gunner can see what he is shooting at.

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